The Future of the Sales Role

The super common myth in sales is that to be the best salesperson one must be an extrovert. In other words, someone really hyped up and full of ennergy and just love to network. While I agree with this to a certain extend, the role of a closer is slowly changing.

While extroverts tend to be better at cold calling, because of their social personality and interaction, this method is slowly dying because technology is taking over. You also might wonder why do companies still prefer to employ the extroverts, right? There’s only one thing on my mind. They probably don’t understand the change of the sales process.

But like any other thing, this role I believe is drastically changing. Customers no longer find the loud, hyped up sales people charming anymore. Well, at least most of them don’t. They tune out the moment they find them looking or sounding like the stereotype.

So, ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world of EFFECTIVE SELLING. These following steps are converging into what we call the future of the desired, approachable modern sales people.

BE THE GOOGLE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS РAnd I dont mean knowing every single thing like the real search engine does. What i mean is becoming the teacher by educating your clients. Clients look up to people whom they can seek advice from. The more information you give to your clients, educating them on things they dont know about, the more credibility you build up for yourself and the more appreciative they become. The future in selling is EDUCATION. The demeanor of a teacher should be adapted by every single sales person out there and that is to start giving.

DATA SCIENCE – Cut through all the rubbish and find that one piece of information that is needed to solve your client’s problem. What is the exact missing piece that will solve your client’s problem? This is a skill that is critical in the success of your future sales.

PUBLISHER – Content creation is vital these days. To anchor yourself as an expert, write a book. This is like taking the rocket to launching yourself as the go to person and establishing credibility that is much needed by utilizing content.

LISTEN, LISTEN AND LISTEN – Listening is a skill. Not everybody can master this art. With listening, you are absorbing useful information that you can later on use during closing or when you do thorough research on your customer’s needs and problems. While listening, acknowledge what your customer is telling you. Validate their problems. Just a simple nod or “I see” will do the job.

BE THE IDEA MACHINE – I like what James Altucher said in one of his books, give 10 new ideas to your clients. If the business is on the verge of collapse, come up with 10 new ways on how to save the business. The point is, if you keep coming up with ideas and just give with no expectations, eventually it will be hard for them to say NO to you in the future.

So for all those who think they don’t have what it takes to be a top sales person because you dont have the personality or character for it, you might want to rethink. Interesting enough, the future of a sales role is more likely to be an introverted problem solving analyst kind and no longer the extroverted “rah-rah” fast talking type.



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