What I have learned from James Altucher in less than 5 days.

Hey guys, I recently learned about an American Entrepreneur, James Altucher who is also the author of the Wall Street Journal best selling book “Choose Yourself”. I watched one of his videos where he talked on “How To Sell Yourself With No Money And No Connections” and I was instantly drawn towards his ability to sell his story. Ever since then, I have been watching almost all of his videos on youtube, listened to his podcasts and read almost all his articles. Might I also add, bought 2 of his books.

Why I say this man is refreshing and a must study by this generation onwards is because in almost all his talks, articles, books, he tells or rather DIRECTS us with so much clarity on where to go and what to do if you are stuck or if you don’t know where to go in life or career. James Altucher is what I like to call the modern era of Educatorpreneur. I just made that word up obviously. But you get the gist.

Here are the 10 things that Ive learned just by studying James Altucher in less than 5 days.

  1. Reinvention does not mean failure– This hits home. I mean my background was beauty and now I am in a totally different industry. I do feel sometimes people judge you for not sticking to one career and always job hopping. But how many of us look at it as a means of experimenting on what we are passionate about?
  2. If you have many ideas, execute all of them because eventually the right idea will find you.
  3. The art of giving – James Altucher talked about how he comes up with 10 new ideas daily and he gives aways these ideas to companies, etc FOR FREE. What does this mean? Giving actually creates opportunities and it open doors to new possibilities.
  4. I learned how to sell and negotiate – Basically James is not a fan of negotiating. When you negotiate, at some point the customer is going to say NO. Why get them to say NO when you can get them to say YES? Everyone has a YES deep down, we just need to ask the right questions. Negotiation is worthless. Sales is everything.
  5. Investing in yourself – Not stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, but you need to have skills that will make you money. Because if you lose all your money, you will know how to get it all back because you have those skills.
  6. Get 1% better EVERY SINGLE DAY – I call it progress principle. It’s like trying to sculpt your body. You can’t get that big chest in one day. It takes time, just get better at your form and then maybe increase your reps and then maybe increase the weight. The idea is just ONE percent daily. Very doable.
  7. Embrace expression – The many reasons why I resonate with James is because he’s a damn brilliant writer on talking about despair. He humanises everything. His success especially. He talks about his failure, how he cried when he thought he lost his partner, how he panicked when the boss said “I need to speak to you” on a Friday and when he called him back it went to a voicemail and the boss was not free until Monday. He is not afraid to show what he had gone through. Anxiety and panic attacks are what most of us have, so he tells his stories and how he overcame them. And this is why I think so many people can relate, and so many people adore and like him and, well in my case, OBSESSED WITH HIM.
  8. Ideas are the currency of life, not money – I like how James says he has been coming up with new ideas since 2002. James made his millions just by using his ideas and that opened doors and opportunities for him.
  9. Becoming a minimalist – James once owned only 15 things in his life. He said that for every dollar you don’t spend on yourself is an opportunity to help someone or creating new experiences.
  10. Be who you are – I like James’ authenticity. He does not try to fit in. He does not try to conceal his vulnerable side. He tells it as it is. Which is why, again I will repeat, a lot of people can resonate with him. Which is why I also think he is one of the best selling authors out there.

James, if you are reading this, I just want to tell you that for every time I read your article, I fall in love with you again and again and again. You are one brilliant writer. 

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