Sell Like The Notorious Wolf of Wall Street.

Jordan Belfort, a salesman at the time in 1998, created and wrote a new sales technique called “Straight Line Persuasion” which quickly got adopted by his peers as a new way of getting voluminous sales. Jordan Belfort is a charisma, himself being attributed to the main character in the Hollywood movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” (funded by Ali Reza, stepson of Najib Razak of 1MDB fame, ex-premier of Malaysia)

So what is so different about this technique as compared to the techniques used by all the rest in the sales industry? The Straight Line Persuasion (SLP) is a sales process, methodical in nature that ensures that the sales process proceeds in a straight line, as per the name unlike commonly used sales process of randomly talking about product benefits and why customers should buy them. In fact, the word “should” is discouraged in SLP as SLP is as scientific as it is artistic; scientific in the way that the salesman is trained methodically in his beliefs and in his presales training. SLP presumes that salesmen could be taught; not born. Given the right way, any person could be the “best” salesman in the world and able to sell anything; if the movie scene “Sell me this Pen” is to be believed.  It is artistic because SLP depends on body language and tonality of the voice, two main elements in the art of “Persuasion”; hence the name. In summary, SLP combines both scientific and artistic approach to create a simple, easily replicable sales technique that even a “nobody” could sell “ice to the Eskimo”

In the opening and into the closing of a sale, SLP involves deliberate focused actions that keep the sales talk progressing in a straight line whilst all the time “developing rapport” and “gathering intelligence”. In the opening and in getting instant rapport, three things must be achieved in the first four seconds; else closing will be much harder. The customer must know:

  1. Whether the salesman is enthusiastic, that is if the salesman is totally convinced of his product or services.
  2. Whether the salesman is sharp, that is if the salesman knows what he is talking about.
  3. Whether he is an authoritative figure, that is if the salesman could be respected.

In closing the sales, ten elements must be present, of which three are mandatory requirements to be accomplished simultaneously. The salesman must ensure that the customer must:

  1. Love the product fully
  2. Trust the salesman and that the salesman care
  3. Respect the company the salesman represent

Failure in accomplishing any of the above will result in a failure. The other seven elements is about “Not just about what you say but how and when you say it” and understanding your customer’s “why”.

  1. Selling only to those who are ready to buy
  2. Turning discussions from general to specific
  3. Using tonality to control internal dialogue
  4. Creating airtight logical and emotional cases
  5. Looping and removing limiting buying beliefs
  6. Lowering the Action Threshold
  7. Using their “No” as a motivator

In summary, SLP is a sales technique that must be learned and practiced. Get yourself a cup of coffee, get pumped and sell like the Wolf of Wall Street!


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