We consumers know about it means “Only 10 left, get yours now!” looking at the newspaper advertisement on a not-so-nice pair of shoes. We know that it is a sales tactic. They want us to buy now but we know better. They have plenty still, sitting on their shelves. So we will not buy. We say “ah later then!”.

We are already so immune to this sales gimmick. Who would fall for such a trick?

Creating urgency in this old fashion way is quite comical in this internet age. So what could a Seller do and what really drives a Buyer to take his wallet out? Certainly, creating urgency is a good sales promotion tactic.

Whenever we see a poster banner that say “Sales End Tomorrow, only 5 left”, our hearts go a flutter, and when the product is that gorgeous super smartphone which you have been dreaming about, your heart and your sweat glands goes into overdrive. That “Sales End Tomorrow, only 5 left” poster transforms you into an Olympic runner to the super store.

Urgency in sales only work under the following circumstances:

Urgency NOT persuasion

No amount of urgency will sell an awful product or win over an apathetic audience. If you want to use urgency the right way, your product has to hit on a real need and the rest of your pitch has to do persuasion’s heavy lifting.

Belief NOT Buy

Once they believe, they need to be spurred on to action. Urgency works because people feel it’s very important to act immediately on an offer they already believe in. That means before you go to town introducing urgency, you need to make sure that you:

  • Have an offer that aligns with what the user needs
  • Demonstrate that you have a solution for the pain points they are experiencing
  • Establish the unique sales proposition (the specific benefit to the customer that leads to the outcome they desire)
  • Have done all of the above in a format that doesn’t ramble or lose the interest of the reader

Give them an authentic “Why” Behind the Urgency

Appeal to Specific Deadlines (And stick to them).

“This deal won’t last long!” is compelling but not nearly as compelling as “Offer expires April 25th” or “Sale ends in 3 hours!”

You want to give people a finite time limit to act. Don’t leave it open-ended.

Slam home the fact that the urgency is real, the clock is actually ticking and the deadline is really looming. Be very careful with this. As we talked about earlier, being disingenuous with deadlines (resetting them constantly, manufacturing them) costs you trust and may actually lose you the sale.

And then lastly..

Offer an added incentive or bonus.

Give the person an added benefit if they move fast. Everybody loves rewards. We pride ourselves for being one of the first in taking action. One of the many ways you can reward them is by simply giving discounts on selected few products or give away free merchandises to them (after all, we love free things dont we?)



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