Product Belief. Is That Even Necessary?

Do you need to believe in the product before you sell it?

If somebody were to ask me that question, I would say, OF COURSE, without any hesitation. Then the doubt will set in and lingers. Why would somebody ask such a question? Are there people out there that sells just about anything? Even when they don’t believe in it?

Whoa, how naiv can I be? Of course, there are many people that do sell anything even when they do not believe in the product or service. They only have to be super confident in themselves.

I remember reading an article about this great salesman that did exactly that. SELL ME THIS PEN! The sentence etches a crack in my brain. The guy actually implied that to sell, you only need to be a very good salesman, never mind the product.

This guy actually sold off the pen, so the question comes back; why do you need to believe in a product when you can actually sell anything, even a pen? You need only to believe in yourself. You are great, in fact the greatest that ever lived. You can even sell a pen, of all things!

Before I rant at a tangent again, I will take a breather. No, I do not subscribe to that kind of thinking. For me, you have to believe in the product you are selling. Even when you have a hard time, you need to try again but this time be aware of your own failings.

Believing in a product is one part of an equation; that being “Believe in your product + Salesmanship= Sales”. You need both of them. The two goes hand in hand to make you a good salesman, now and forever more.

Salesmanship is a skill acquired by the great guy previously mentioned who can actually sell a pen when a pen is the last thing anybody would want. He is the epitome of the salesman that can sell a refrigerator to the Eskimo

Believing in your product and coupled with good sales skills will show up in your demeanour with your client. The quiet confidence as honed by your skills emits a pheromone that triggers a positive reaction in your client.

It really is up to you, at the end of the day you really need to sit down and think of an answer to this question – Do you sell with integrity or do you sell with deceit?

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