Not Closing? Don’t Quit Just Yet.

What to do when you are not closing sales? That is a question most sales people ask themselves at least once in their career. The increasingly utter desperation of lost sales would drive some into submission and changing of careers, whilst the rest would look upon it as a challenge.

Closing sales is tough but could be learned. Training and learning from other peoples’ experiences are the most popular and effective methods. So if you are one that is now asking the question, below are some of the methods you might want to seriously look into.

Build a strong relationship with your customers

“People buy from people they like”, that is a saying that is very true, ESPECIALLY, if you are in a very niche market. To be liked means having a strong relationship with your customers.  It increases your influence on them, resulting in them being more open, giving access to key decision makers, and sharing sensitive information with you.

However, to build a strong relationship requires a lot of time. Have you got the perserverance to keep the relationship going? That’s what you need to ask yourself.

Qualify Your Customers

Are you speaking to the right person?Pick your customers and not chase after every one. That could become a shock to almost every sales person but there is a deeper logic as to why you should not chase at every opportunity. First, understand your weaknesses and strengths before the first meeting.

You or the company you represent might not have the budget and resources for the customer and it would be a futile effort even if you could get the order. Another reason could be the customer’s credit worthiness.

Or, perhaps your own timeline; you might be already chasing too many. A discussion with your Sales Manager would confirm this. If the light is green, be ready to capitalise on your strengths to understand and resolve the customer’s pain points.

Failure To Ask The Right Questions

Too few or too many questions when meeting the customer could be a reason for failure in closing a sale. The right approach is to ask the correct questions in the right way. But you would not know what is right and what is wrong unless you have built a strong relationship with customer especially
on the first sales call.

This behaviour creates receptiveness on the part of the buyer to share
information with you. Identifying a problem is insufficient as customers want solutions. However, some customers would not like you telling them what to do.

Instead you would need to direct the questions as if the customer himself discovers the problem and he himself come up with the solution. Follow up thereafter by explaining the benefits of problem being solved. Could be tricky but if you could use
this technique, closing sales would be a breeze!

Connect Your Products and Services To The Customer’s Needs

In leading the customer in identifying the problem and coming up with a solution, your products and services must always be seen as the resolution.

This must be said unambiguously and clearly. Avoid jargons and explicitly link the solution to your products and services.

In conclusion, preparation is very important when making the sales calls especially the first one. By properly planning for each call, you could be better prepared to ask the right questions and be in a better position to close the deal.

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