To Love, Or Not?

“She loves me….. she loves me not”’

The question is a favourite topic at seminars I conducted. It translates to “Do you really need to love your products?”. After a few awkward seconds at the earlier seminars, I would give a quite safe reply; “why sure! I really love my products!”

I had thought that by giving a safe reply and avoiding the part of the question that is more important, about the “need” to love the product, I could get away with
it. However, sometimes, a quick retort would come back; “but do you need to really LOVE the product?

That left me stumped, at least for the first few seminars. After that, I thought about giving the question a really good thought.

Do I really need to love my products? Do I really need to envelop
my products with good websites showcasing the wonderful features without even thinking about having a reviews section? Do I really have to spend large sums of money in marketing, even when the sales don’t respond positively? Do I…this? Do I …that?

The thoughts swarmed my mind and making me restless, as I slowly realised that it has major impacts in the company’s future. Why do I need to hold on to products that definitely could not sell, that do not get good reviews, do not make
a decent profits? Why? Why?

I have to be a businessman first, and think logically about the health
of my company. If I love my products and never a thought about its financial return, my company would surely decline. Then, the alternative dawned on me.

You can either CHOOSE to love it or not. In any case if you believe that you dont, then think of the products that you know for sure can generate income to a point where you desire. Do not be emotionally attached. Make money and showcase only those that sell.

The pro’s and con’s on whether to love your products and the pro’s and con’s on being businesslike is something every businessperson should give a lot of thought because it needs to be your business philosophy.

Being undecided, will stunt your company’s growth as strategies will wilt and
never will get good actions. The company must have clear directions. There is nothing wrong with loving your products as it provides you with the clear conviction of being right and selling products others will love also.

Loving the products you sell will ensure that all the necessary actions like price,
features, marketing and selling strategies are in place. However, should one or two could not sell, decisions to drop them must be embedded in the strategy.

The longer doubts linger, the longer will the pain persists. To conclude, you must love the products you are selling but be very level headed. Go long on the statistics and identify the weaklings. Be decisive of your decision. And most importantly, stick to it.

Like Grant Cardone said.. “I would rather comit to the wrong thing all the way to the end than commit to the right thing halfway.”

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